RI69 July 2020

Hollywood, organised crime and Red Inc… the only things untouchable by economic forces. RI69 is in production but will not be out in late May. Our intention was to then release an issue for July at the end of June when the League marked this as a provisional return date.

LOI football won’t resume at the end of June, but we are working towards that as a deadline nonetheless. Although we sell 90-95% of our fanzines outside the ground, if football has not returned at that point, we will look to release a limited edition RI69 by post.

It will be a limited edition run of 125 (years of the Reds). Cost will be €5 TYD Ireland, €6 overseas. This is all of course dependent on our printer operating business as usual. We’ll keep you updated.

In meantime, we are seeking your articles, opinions, letters, ideas, pictures, cartoons, piss-takes and anything else that is relevant to football but particularly the Reds and the LOI.

If you have an article or piece you would like to submit please send it to: redsindependent@gmail.com