Ins and Outs list Spring/Summer 2012

Ins and Outs list Spring/Summer 2012


Scrappy single goal wins against absolute shite


Mid-table mediocrity

The manager telling the interview lot to do one

Massive Reds away followings at Tallaght and Phibsboro

Skinner. In goal. Why?

Leinster (Ringsend) Senior Cup

Biscuit tins at Dalymount

Tennents tins in hoods

The Hen as the most charismatic unofficial PA man in the league

Threats from the board

You’re only here to see the Shelbourne

Songs about strikers eating habits and military duties

Cans in the stand before aways

Minutes silences for players Grannies

Penfield Vassan and Clarks Originals D-Trek

Looking to get back into the ground after you’ve tried storming out and getting indignant when you’re stopped.

Games being changed to suit TV schedules.

Ins and Outs lists.


Winning in style


Scoring hatfuls of goals

Freedom of speech

Respectable away turn-outs from New Derry and Cork Foras

Delany. Boyle. Paisley. Why? Scapegoats?

Fitzgerald & Hurley. For months.

League Cup

Songs about corrupt FAI functionaries. Unless you’re Rovers.

Pints in overpriced and dour alehouses

Minutes silences for EX-FAI Presidents

Barbour Liddesdale and re-issued trabs

Regular time kick offs for FAI Cup ties.

Ins and Outs lists.