Write for Red Inc.!

The fanzine is a publication written and produced by volunteers to give Shelbourne fans a voice particularly given the club’s ownership and structure denies them a real stakeholding and voice within the club. The club is essentially undemocratic despite the financial contribution and volunteer hours given by fans.

The following guidelines are intended to help contributors understand the ethos of the fanzine, their responsibilities, and to help with the ease of its’ production.

1) Contributors should refrain from personal attacks. Criticism (preferably constructive) of the actions of those involved may be legitimate, but attacks on a person’s character, insofar as it is not relevant or distinct from their official capacity, is not.

2) It is the responsibility of those submitting articles to ensure the article is put through a spell and grammar check. All contributors doing this will save the editor a considerable amount of time.

3) Where possible we would appreciate it if all contributors would play their part in promoting the fanzine either by word of mouth or via social media. We always strive to promote the fanzine as much as possible, but it is likely you can help us reach potential new readers.

4) Contributors should avoid submitting articles anonymously. If the submitter of the article is not known to the editing team, they should identify themselves.

5) While the fanzine is a not for profit publication, remember it still needs to operate within the legal framework of the state’s libel laws.

Please send all submissions to: redsindependent@gmail.com