RI Quiz 2- May 8- answers!

Nice one to everyone who took part in the quiz this week, here are the answers!

Round 1:

  1. 2008
  2. California (3).
  3. Belfast Celtic.
  4. Qatar
  5. Juventus, formed in 1897, Barça 1899, Bayern 1900.
  6. Brazil (men’s), Germany (women’s).
  7. Brazil (7:0 in 1982).
  8. 1985/86.
  9. Germany, Spain, France, USSR, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, and Portugal.
  10. Benfica (37).

Round 2:

  1. Lily Allen.
  2. From Home To Home.
  3. 3 (Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal).
  4. 1963-64.
  5. Fiorentina
  6. Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Romania, Yugoslavia, France.
  7. Thirteen
  8. (Both v Wales).
  9. Two
  10. They’re related. Keane’s grandfather and Morrissey’s father are cousins.

See you next week!

RI Quiz 2- 8 May 2020

2 rounds in this week’s quiz- good luck all!

Round 1

  1. What year was the UEFA Intertoto Cup last played for?
  2. Which US state has the most MLS franchises?
  3. Who did Shelbourne beat to become the first Dublin club to win the Irish Cup in 1906?
  4. Which nation won the last Asian Cup in 2019?
  5. Which is the oldest football club, Barcelona, Juventus, or Bayern München?
  6. Which nations took the gold medals for football at the 2016 Olympics?
  7. Against which nation did the Republic of Ireland men’s senior team suffer their heaviest defeat?
  8. What was the inaugural season of the League of Ireland First Division?
  9. How many nations have won the European Championship (including European Nations Cup)?
  10. Which club has been crowned champions of Portugal on the most occasions?

Round 2



  1. The father of which well-known female singer-songwriter co-wrote the England Italia90 song World in Motion?
  2. What was the name of the first Shels fanzine, first published in the 1980s?
  3. How many Canadian sides play in the MLS?
  4. What was the first season of the German Bundesliga?
  5. Which Italian side plays at the Stadio Artemio Franchi?
  6. The European Cup/Champions League has been won by clubs from the leagues of how many different nations?
  7. How many sides took part in the first FIFA World Cup in Uruguay in 1930?
  8. How many men’s full internationals has Tolka Park staged?
  9. How many All-Irelands did Kevin Moran win?
  10. What connection is there between Robbie Keane and the artist Morrissey?

Email your answers into redsindependent@gmail.com or DM them to the Twitter account. No googling or conferring!

RI69 July 2020

Hollywood, organised crime and Red Inc… the only things untouchable by economic forces. RI69 is in production but will not be out in late May. Our intention was to then release an issue for July at the end of June when the League marked this as a provisional return date.

LOI football won’t resume at the end of June, but we are working towards that as a deadline nonetheless. Although we sell 90-95% of our fanzines outside the ground, if football has not returned at that point, we will look to release a limited edition RI69 by post.

It will be a limited edition run of 125 (years of the Reds). Cost will be €5 TYD Ireland, €6 overseas. This is all of course dependent on our printer operating business as usual. We’ll keep you updated.

In meantime, we are seeking your articles, opinions, letters, ideas, pictures, cartoons, piss-takes and anything else that is relevant to football but particularly the Reds and the LOI.

If you have an article or piece you would like to submit please send it to: redsindependent@gmail.com


RI Quiz 1 – answers!

Nice one to everyone who took part! We’ll get around to messaging you all over the next few hours or so! Here’s the answers:

  1. Israel
  2. FC Nordsjælland.
  3. Shelbourne and Derry City.
  4. Kilkenny City.
  5. They won the German championship.
  6. Mardyke, Flower Lodge, and Turners Cross.
  7. Sunderland with 6. Newcastle have 4, Leeds 3.
  8. Germany.
  9. Franz Beckenbauer.
  10. Kaká.

RI Quiz 1 – 1 May 2020

1 May 2020

10 questions- we don’t know if there will be prizes yet!

1. Which national side has competed in World Cup qualifiers in three different continents?

2. Which Danish Superliga side plays in the town of Farum?

3. Which sides played in the first League of Ireland match broadcast live on tv?

4. Which former League of Ireland club once had a fanzine entitled Every Man a Football Artist?

5. What was unusual about Rapid Vienna’s national championship win in 1941?

6. Which three Cork grounds have staged Irish senior men’s full internationals?

7. Which club has the most English titles? Leeds United, Sunderland, or Newcastle United?

8. Which country is scheduled to host Euro2024?

9. Which former West German international played for Bayern München, Hamburger SV, and New York Cosmos?

10. The Ballon d’Or was won by either Ronaldo or Messi from 2008-2017. Who won it in in 2007?

Email your answers into redsindependent@gmail.com or DM them to the Twitter account. No googling or conferring!