The 1895 Trust- Membership news

Membership news

The Trust has been engaged in an unprecedented flurry of activity recently, with the ballot of fans on the future of the club just completed, our involvement with the club programme and our upcoming SGM.

To successfully follow through on all of these initiatives, and to someday acquire the necessary capital to achieve our goal of fan ownership of the club – a goal endorsed by 85% of our fanbase – The Trust needs the significantly increased financial support of its members. We have assembled some recurring membership packages – which do not have to be renewed annually.

We are launching these today, and the committee of management have set the following goals:

–At least 100 new or renewing members signed up by the end of May

–At least 10 members at the €50 a month level by the end of May. We have been contacted by an anonymous benefactor who has pledged that should we reach this goal, they will match these payments for two months, donating €1000 Euro to the Trust. If you feel you are in a position to provide a matching pledge, please contact us at

Details of the reoccurring memberships and the rewards each one provides are here:

One off membership payments (minimum €15) are still available at our stands on match-days.

If you renew, please share the fact you have done so on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #redstogether.
Table Quiz:
– On the 23rd of April at 7:30pm The 1895 Trust and the SSDG will be running a fund raising Table Quiz. Former Shels stalwart Stuart Byrne will be MC-ing a few rounds and there are some great prizes to be won. Please dig deep if you can to support both organisations and their aims.

Red Inc 53

RI53 is presently being compiled, and will be out at the end of May. As always we are looking for your articles, opinions, letters, ideas, pictures, cartoons, piss-takes and anything else that is vaguely (or not!) relating to the Reds, LoI, football or anything in general.

If you have an article or piece you would like to submit please send it to:

The deadline for contributions is 16 May, so get writing now!