A distant echo, of faraway voices boarding faraway trains

From some of the lads in BD, comes two excellent and iconic images that are sure to be plastered upon lampposts and environs of aways up and down the country this year. The two brilliant pics capture the very essence of the away day- the feeling of community and camaraderie that can only be engendered between lads over a few cans on a grassy knoll in the West of Ireland and that unforgettable sense of anticipation in the air as another journey into the unknown begins. Fucking ace!

Pics courtesy of Glenno

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Just the ticket

This Friday sees the Reds make their first ever league visit to the State-sponsored tracky dome out in Wicklow to take on Shamrock Avenue upstarts, shamrock rovers. The Ringsend derby is always a big one, no matter form or circumstance, and this promises to be no different. Drama, tension, tradition, this is what it’s all about. Can Shels continue their bright start to the season or will they come unstuck against those hooped poxes?

Red Inc. Issue 50

Red Inc. Issue 50 will be on sale Friday night at the Derry City game, outside the ground, from 7.10pm up til kick off, and outside the ground after the final whistle for about 10 minutes. This issue features, amongst other pieces, a peek at football in Greece, an away trip to Scotland, Reds away trips, a look back on Cup Final day in Ringsend, a view of our current squad and the return of the much-loved Sheros. It is a 36 page bumper edition, for a mere €2.


Friday night was a bit of a blur

Blurred pic of the New Stand from the Sligo game. Redsmen turned out in their numbers for the season opener and big return to the top flight. Shels battled away on the night and only for a customary injury time equaliser, would have taken full spoils.

It’s good to be back.